Aliases (xonsh.aliases)

Aliases for the xonsh shell.

xonsh.aliases.bang_bang(args, stdin=None)[source]

Re-runs the last command. Just a wrapper around bang_n.

xonsh.aliases.bang_n(args, stdin=None)[source]

Re-runs the nth command as specified in the argument.

xonsh.aliases.exit(args, stdin=None)[source]

Sends signal to exit shell.

xonsh.aliases.source_alias(args, stdin=None)[source]

Executes the contents of the provided files in the current context. If sourced file isn’t found in cwd, search for file along $PATH to source instead

xonsh.aliases.source_bash(args, stdin=None)[source]

Simple Bash-specific wrapper around source-foreign.

xonsh.aliases.source_foreign(args, stdin=None)[source]

Sources a file written in a foreign shell language.

xonsh.aliases.xexec(args, stdin=None)[source]

Replaces current process with command specified and passes in the current xonsh environment.