Wishlist & To-Dos

Here is what is targeted for future versions of xonsh. Any one wishing to tackle any of these or add their own is encouraged to do so!

1. Tab completion from man pages

One of the more genius ideas I first encountered from fish is the idea that man pages can be used to supply matches to tab-completion. In principle this is not that hard. First, we just need to use man2html and then parse the html.

2. urwid based command prompt

Moving to urwid would allow for a whole new depth of user interaction. There could be syntax highlighting as you type, a real interface for environment variables, and so on. The command prompt is only the start!

3. Support and testing for other platforms

This includes:

  • Support for Python 2.7
  • Support for future versions of Python
  • Testing on Mac OSX

4. Jupyter notebook shim

Having an Ixonsh notebook would be approximately the best thing ever. It is known.

5. Pygments parser

A true interface to pygments is highly desirable.