Run Control File

Xonsh allows you to have a run control file in your home directory called ~/.xonshrc. This file is written in the xonsh language, of course. It is executed exactly once at startup. The following is a real-world example of such a file.

Download xonshrc

# adjust some paths
$LD_LIBRARY_PATH = ['/home/scopatz/.local/lib', '/home/scopatz/miniconda3/lib', '']

# alias to quit AwesomeWM from the terminal
def _quit_awesome(args, stdin=None):
    lines = $(ps ux | grep "gnome-session --session=awesome").splitlines()
    pids = [l.split()[1] for l in lines]
    for pid in pids:
        kill @(pid)

aliases['qa'] = _quit_awesome

# some customization options
$MULTILINE_PROMPT = '`·.,¸,.·*¯`·.,¸,.·*¯'